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In 2013, Lu Lacka Wyco was the new kid on the block. We had no money or prizes for the brave souls that tried our event. We went to our friends for support and we even found some new friends who were willing to pitch in. The Lu Lacka Wyco seeks to add additional sponsors to the list of satisfied partners we have already built. If you would like to partner with the Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo and have your brand shared with thousands people each week, please check out our sponsor sheet and/or reach out to Event Director Patrick Engleman or (267) 603-3015

2021 Prize Sponsors. Besides many of our original supporters coming back yet again, we are adding more and more happy supporters to our roster. Please frequent these companies since they support all cyclists. 


Original Sponsors In 2013, these folks took a gamble on the Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo and supported us 100%. We will always have their back for that. 

We work with some great businesses to make the ride work. We support as many local companies as we can and we always work with friends and family when possiable. 
Food Shandra's Pizza 
Finishers Medals - GT Fabrication 
Posters Pink Bike Ralph
Shirts Awesome Dudes Screen Printing 
Route Signs Promote Signs 

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