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Pick your poison. Not sure which ride to sign up for? It's hard. Really hard. Use your best judgment. 

I'm in for halfsies (52 mi)

If you want to come out and give this ride a try but you don't have the time, or the 100 is just a bit too much to bite off for you, this is a perfect ride. 
There is plenty of gravel, elevation, scenery, and smiles to make it totally worth trying this ride.

3/4 Hundo for me!

Here is the ride for those of you who are on the fence between doing the whole ride and the shorter 50. You will still get a great ride, some gravel, great views, and quite a challenge. In my personal opinion, this is the harder ride of them all. It's like the hundred but just less flat parts. 

No half measures. I want the full 103 miles.

This is the whole enchilada. Don't select this category without knowing that you are in for one hell of a challenge.


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