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This is the most important category of the event! 
We need people to volunteer for everything from course set up to food prep to day of registration to clean up at the after party. If you are into helping, please let me know. 

This year, we are offering a double cash incentive! If you (the rider) volunteer for the event ahead of time (course marking, food prep, etc.) I will give you $20 cash on the start line that morning. In addition, you will be entered into a volunteer only raffle to win $100. Plus you get a t-shirt! 

If you were to bring along a volunteer to work the day of, they get the same benefits, so it pays to volunteer!


Plus, there are nail guns and t-shirts.   Sign up! 

I want to help before the ride!

Though the race isn't until April 23, LLWH HQ is already in full swing. Help before the race can include things like promoting the ride on social media and in your local bike shops, marking the course in the days up to the ride, or helping pack bags of snacks the night before. 

I want to help during the ride.

Live in the area, or tagging along with someone who's doing the ride? Be a day-of volunteer, and you can help us at rest stops, or setting up for the post-ride party. 

I'll do anything for a t-shirt

Are you willing to help however needed, and you can help out before or during the ride? You're as rare as a unicorn, and you make our hearts warm and glittery. 

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