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Cross Cut Dirty Metric Century

The Cross Cut Dirty Metric Century is a route that you wouldn't believe existed so close to a major city. Luckily, we live near Philadelphia where a 20 minute drive in the right direction will bring you to beautiful farmland that stretches on for miles in all directions.


It was out on these scenic farm rides that a few friends decided that we needed to show everyone else what was available just a few minutes from the city.  


The ride will begin at 9am (sign in starts at 7:30am and closes at 8:45am) in the lower parking lot of the Spring Mountain resort and will head out on some paved and some dirt/gravel roads in the Green Lane Reservoir region of Southeastern Pennsylvania.


The route has a shade under six thousand feet of climbing over the 63 ish miles, which sounds like a ton, but most of it is short ups and downs with the famous Goat Hill Road thrown in for good measure.  


The ride will have one rest stop at the midpoint where you could expect the typical roadside snacks that we ate at bike rides before peanut allergies and aversions to complex carbs.

Photo: Mr. Biggs

Photo: P. Engleman 

There will be a chance to top off your water and sports drink before heading back to Spring Mountain where there will be an afterparty of our own design to enjoy.  


This ride will be staffed with a sag wagon and we will have some mobile mechanics, but please be ready to handle any minor repairs on your own, as the course is somewhat remote and it might take some time to reach a rider in need.


The course will be marked with painted arrows on the ground and we will provide a file for your GPS within one week of the ride.

Cue sheets will be sent along as well, but they will be PYO (print your own) in order to conserve paper.

If you want to register, hurry! There are less than 20 spots avaialble! 

There have been some sacrifical lambs that have tackled the entire course already. Check out the numbers that Andrew put down. 

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