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If you are going to take on an a challange like this, you are going to want to tell everyone that you did it. We hear you. 


We have partnered with some of our friends who also happen to be leaders in the industry to offer you quality goods. Please follow the directions so that you can order each of these products properly. 

Limited Edition Silk Screen Poster 


I partnered with Ralph Stolenwerk of  to produce a killer poster to commerate the third annual Lu Lacka Wyco Hudno. 


The Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo was conieved while taking a break under a tree on one of my favorite routes near my hometown. That afternoon, I was sharing the shade with these three carvings. These three natives are looking out over the Susquehanna River valley and the current day counties of Luzerne, Lackawana, and Wyoming counties so I named the ride after these three fellows and the region that they cast their protective eye over. 


If you want one of these posters, send $15 for a poster in a tube that you can pick up at the start/finish. If you want have your poster shipped to you, send $20 along. If there are any left, they will be available at the start/finish for $10 without a tube. You can send your money to me via Paypal through the email address.

Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo Jersey by Voler 


We want you to look good when you are telling everyone what ride you did. We partnered with The Pedal Pushers Club and Voler to produce a simple elegant jersey that shows that our riders don't need flash to show how hard they are. 


I have found that Voler has had consistant quality, sizing, and service, so we picked them. If you want to know what size you will wear, please check the fit guide on the site listed above. 


The LLWH jersey is only available via the Pedal Pushers Club and are shipped for free! 


We are not racers, so this jersey is only offered in club cut. 

Lone Wolf Cycling Tribute Tee Shirt. 


Jason of LWC was one of the original maniacs that tried the first Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo. He finished that one and came back for a second one! 


At the end of the last one, he said he felt like he had a dagger in his lungs because the ride was so hard. 


We cyclists have something wrong with us, becuase I took that as a compliment and Jason meant it as one. 

Pre order your Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo shirt through the Lone Wolf site and explain why your have the toughest looking event shirt of all time. 

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